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First Month's Totals

August 31st, 2006 at 08:49 pm

I feel very confident I wrote down everything spent this month.

Groceries: $451.41
Eating out: 166.80
Household: $402.64
Auto exp: $1,875.73
Personal Care: $88.52
Pet: $64.97
Gifts: 472.88
Family Fun $141.44

The family fun was high due to high school reunion costs. The Household was high due to a new vacuum and new crockpot and the auto was high due to new tired, alignment and radiator on the old truck and air condtioning work on Volvo.

I did an enventory of my pantry and have so much food I could probably feed us dinners for 3 months from our pantry/freezer... well maybe not three months, but 2! So I will be doing a personal pantry challenge.

I was a bit surprised at our eating out. We had two dinners out and the rest was crap lunches and coffee. Definetely need to work on this. Our anniversary and Dh's birthday is next week, so this will be a challenge.

Need to consider goals for September.

1 Responses to “First Month's Totals”

  1. flash Says:

    We DO sound alot alike! I pulled out an expired dinner from the freezer yesterday, and just realized how PACKED everything still is. And, anniversary and birthdays this month, too!

    Hey, did you know Costco gives RAIN CHECKS now? Just found out myself. I'm going to have to start paying more attention to those coupon books they send in the mail Smile

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