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The house is rented and good books from the library

April 25th, 2010 at 04:09 am

I tend to lose my library card a lot. It is $3.00 for a new 1, but I figure it is cheaper than buying books. I was very excited that Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth and The New Earth were both available today. I have been wanting to read The New Earth, but was too cheap to buy it when it first came out. Then the other day I saw a mini-series or movie or something advertised on TV "Pillars of the Earth", and realized it has been so long since I read it, I wanted to read it again.

Our house in Oregon was rented this week to 2 dental hygienist students with a cocker spaniel. We asked for a $500.00 deposit for the dog. I think most responsible pet owners are not going to trash a house, anyway I hope not! My daughter had a small dog in the house when she lived therem and I have a small dog and they have not done any damage.

Very happy though to rent the house. It took about 3 weeks.

My first 4 days of my new job were stressful learning the new computer platform, but by the 3rd day, Friday, I was feeling a bit more comfortable.

DH is still dealing with the money and went to the bank today to deposit the rental money. We used our Costco rebate today. Starbucks coffee was $4.50 off a bag. They had the same sale in December and we went through 5 bags since then (had purchased 4 in December and had to buy an additional 1 a few weeks ago, so I bought 5 bags today. Iams Dog food was $10.00 off. Then we bought our usual milk, half and half, eggs, milk and Tillamook Cheddar cheese; then splurged on some pesto and a block of good parmigiano reggiano cheese. Okay we got some skinny cows, some frozen pizzas that were reduced (we have had them before and they are yummy)and toilet paper.

We bought asparagus, red bell peppers, boboli pizza bread and flour tortillas.

Tonight we had baked chicken and I wanted to try a recipe for barbecued chicken pizza. Unfortunately I did not look at the price of the boboli, something I do not remember purchasing for over 20 years. I was shocked they were $6.39 for 2!

Tomorrow we are making burittos from chuck roast from our grass fed beef that is in the freezer. I am sending them home with MD's boyfriend who is here working, along with some meat from the freezer and pantry items. He is in the electrical union and has been working sporadically, and my MD's income has been cut too and I know they are having a difficult time.

Thank you whoever invented Skype, we spent over half an hour before dinner watching our dear sweet granddaughter play with our SIL. She has changed so much in the 10 weeks since I saw her. I can hardly wait for them to get here, as much as I wish my DSIL was not deploying.

I am very thankful I can work from home again, or from their home for that matter when I need to.

I have lots to do tomorrow, so I am going to be early and get started reading my first Ken Follett book.

One Job ends, another begins....

April 21st, 2010 at 04:28 am

Today was my last day at the hospital and tomorrow I start with the company my job was outsourced to. I am so happy to be working from home again.

I think resigning from CFO was one of the smartest things I could do. I got over my anger, especially since the game they went to Friday night, the Sharks won in a very exciting game in overtime...

So I think we have it worked out that DH is going to pay the bills and keep track and I will continue to do the upkeep in Quicken. Today I went on-line with him and went over bill paying and then went on AMEX and paid our American Express.

We had a moment of panic when DH thought the balance in the checkbook was really a check amount and we did not have enough in the account to cover the checks he wrote for taxes, but after getting ready to run to the banks to transfer cash he took another look and realized the $1200 was the balance left in the account after subtracting the checks he wrote.

My goal really was for us to start sitting down together and managing the money and I think in the long run that is what is going to happen. I am going to have more time to concentrate on frugal living and doing some things I enjoy more than tracking every dime.

DH drove my car down to the Bay Area for the game so in reality I don't know that he spent more than $250.00. I didn't realize we were going to get a dividend check either that arrived this week that covered our taxes and the new windows for the house.

But you know what, I would have spent the entire time he was gone managing, analyzing and juggling the money. Maybe I just need a break from it.

So it's bedtime and when I get up I don't have to go anywhere to work except the front bedroom of our house! Perfect timing too, a storm has once again hit Northern Coastal California.

I have resigned as CFO

April 16th, 2010 at 12:09 am

of our little household. I am sick of trying to be frugal and stay on track, only to have DH decide he is going to go on a little trip to watch the Sharks play tomorrow night. I know, not a big deal right?
Well it is when you have $3000.00 to taxes, $2000.00 to new windows that DH ordered without any planning, (other than me mentioning accountant said to get any windows, etc replaced this year), and a large AMEX bill due to some work travel, all due.

I scrape, I sacrifice, I pinch pennies until they bleed and he pretty much does what he wants. This was the final straw.

I got both checkbooks, wrote in the balances, printed out activity from both checking accounts and the savings accounts for the past month. I printed out all the web sites along with log-in names and passwords, made a list of monthly bills and when I paid them, took the tax stuff, current bills, put everything in a big folder and said, "here".

So now I can stop worrying, planning, juggling, etc and do what I want to do (which is gardening, quilting, and frugal living). Now if we have no money when we retire, it will not be my fault!

PS I should say this was one day after I decided to accept a job with the company my job was outsourced to. Since we are paid by production, I have no idea how much money I will be making really, especially since I am only working 4 hours a day.

Another epiphany....

April 3rd, 2010 at 12:12 pm

Every year I start out gung ho on tracking every penny and usually by March/April it becomes overwhelming.

My epiphany is I spend too much time on the internet reading, tracking my spending, planning and not enough actually doing!

Case in point: DH drove up to Oregon to do some maintenance on our rental home. He called and said let's grab a rice/bean/cheese burrito when I get home (Lent). Well I had spent a few hours yesterday entering receipts into quicken and YNAB (don't ask). I started thinking I don't want to spent $15.00 on a couple of so-so burittos at the local Mexican food place. What is wrong with me? My BFF is half mexican and gave me her grandmother's rice recipe and we have canned beans. I checked the frig, yep have tortillas. Wow I even have sour cream and TJ's chips, plus we always have Tillamook cheddar cheese.

I had all the ingredients for the rice including an open container of chicken broth in the frig. So by the time DH drove up an hour or so later I was finishing up the ingredients and was heating the tortillas.

I did so well in February with food when I was in a challenge with my sister, so I need to have that mind set all the time!

My job ended Friday the 26th of March and I received my last check yesterday. I am working on contract until the outsourcing company takes over the hospital transcription department. I have been offered a job Tues-Sat 8-12 with the company. I am happy to have a job, but do not feel the great relief I thought I would feel after finally talking to the HR department. I am apprehensive as I hate change!

I am going to start using envelopes to budget instead of tracking every penny. That way if I have leftover money in an envelope I know we did well. If I run out or look like I am running out, I know I need to be careful. Till Debt Do Us Part is sinking in.....

I did splurge on Easter books for:

But then she is my only grandchild and lives so far away. Easter really snuck up on me this year so I ordered from Amazon yesterday and paid extra for the books to be delivered today.

I would love to go back to the East Coast for a visit before they come at the end of June, but at this point with starting a new job I just don't know when I can fit it in. I know it is only 2.5 more months, but it has been 2.5 months since I saw her last (and could hold her and kiss her and read to her) and I am having painful withdrawals! Luckily we both have webcams so I do get to see her and talk to her, but she seems more interested in my dog than me!

Happy Easter Everyone!