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Another 3 months has gone by...

February 22nd, 2008 at 05:24 pm

November came and went, traveling to Reno for Thanksgiving... then my 50th birtday with a surprise party that DH planned along with the surprise of YD and SIL arriving a week early for the party.... with the best surprise of all. DH and I are going to be grandparents to an actual baby, not another puppy or kitten!

YD and SIL were here a whole month, then MD went to visit them in North Carolina and I traveled back to Reno to dog sit. I came back to the North Coast after eight days of loneliness and isolation with snow all around. I now understand Jack Nicholson downward spiral in The Shining....

The dogs finally left and life is getting back to normal. I have taken over in the past week food. DH is having withdrawal and wants to know every day if I have dinner planned and what are we having.

I upgraded my YNAB to YNAB Pro and I am really liking it.

I have this in the oven right now made from a butternut squash we grew in our garden last summer. I think we have about 4 left:

As boring as my blog may be, I hope someone gets something out of it. I want to thank everyone who talked about reading and the library. I have become an avid reader again after about a 20 year drought. I go to the library and get 7-8 books at a time and just devour them. No more TV in bed for me! DH still watches, but I am able to tune it out and lose myself in a good book.

So thank you library fans!

3 Responses to “Another 3 months has gone by...”

  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    There you are! Your blog is not boring.

    Setting goals - it's a good thing!

    Congrats on the upcoming baby!! Wooo!!! Nothing better than new baby smell.

    I'm a library lady so welcome back to reading too!

  2. Mooshocker Says:

    God Bless you and your family.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Good to see you!

    & congrats!!!!

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