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Another trip is planned, turns out to be frugal too!

October 14th, 2009 at 05:05 pm

The Marine Corp 234th Birthday Marine Ball is on November 6th this year. Last year my granddaughter was 3 months old and I went back to take care of her so my YD and her DH could go (I had just flown home for 8 weeks after being there the first month after she was born).

This year my coworker grabbed that week off before I could... So DH is going back to take care of our little southern belle.

I found a flight on cheap tickets for $530.00 from here to LA to Dallas to Savannah, but it involved an overnight stay in LA. So he said try United Airlines (which is DH's business Visa Card). Their price was $630.00 out of here (which is cheap, we usually pay somewhere around $1000.00 for round trip from here to the Carolinas).

Anyway he says let's just check if we can use miles. Now may I just say we have never been able to use miles out of Humboldt except once when it cost us 40,000 miles to fly to Las Vegas. Otherwise there are simply no seats. We have to drive to San Francisco or Sacramento to use our miles.

So to humor him I pull it up on the computer and low and behold, we can book the round trip flight November 4-10th with miles. $10.00 fee and we splurged on the 5 extra inches of leg room for $79.00. Wow I could not believe it. First time ever. People must not be flying as much.

Now DH just needs to get over the flu that he came down with yesterday. DH is rarely sick so it is quite difficult. AND expensive. Yesterday he wanted Nyquil. Today he wants Thera-Flu. We were just at Walmart in Oregon (no sales tax)and I looked right at the Nyquil and thought we still had some... but no we don't. So yesterday I spent $8.96 on Nyquil and today $7.03 on Thera-Flu! Hopefully tomorrow he will not think of a different cold/flu medicine he wants.

Hoping I don't get it....

I ordered up the black yarn to finish up the ladybug sweater. I hope I get it by Saturday. I really want to finish it in time to send back with DH.

3 Responses to “Another trip is planned, turns out to be frugal too!”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Hope hubby feels better soon! My neice has the flu, my SIL is a doctor and she is giving all of them Tamiflu, to shorten it for my neice and to help prevent it in her and my brother. We'll see, not fun to deal with!

  2. kimiko Says:

    Unless the flu contracted is caused by the H1N1 virus, won't it be better to use a less powerful drug? The Tamiflu is indeed effective, but since it doesn't break down in the body and therefore will be released back into the environment, it'll lead to the development of http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/47971/description...

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Kathleen Amelia is just about the cutest thing EVER!!! What a doll baby.

    Hope your husband is feeling better soon. I'd be hitting him w/Vitamin C & Garlic like CRAZEEEEEEEEEY!

    Great job using the miles!

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