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Busy days! (Long post)

September 9th, 2006 at 02:56 am

Some good, some bad over the last five days. I did get the food for OD made and frozen. She left yesterday with 3 small styrofoam containers of lasagna, burritos and lentil soup. Before she left, I gave her dog and my dog baths, which saved $30.00 (for both).

After OD left for 5 hour drive back to Oregon, I realized I was coming down with a migraine. I got my work done and at 4:30 I almost called DH to stop and bring something home for dinner.

But NO! I still had time to thaw some chicken or something from my very full freezer. Luckily I found the Orange Chicken from the buy 1, get 1 at Costco in one of their coupone books. Turned out the sauce was frozen separate from the chicken nuggets in two separate meals (2 bags of sauce, 2 bags of chicken). So yippee two meals. Anyway I already had broccoli and cauliflower roasting in the oven and I stuck the nuggets in the last 15 minutes and made some rice (from the pantry stock). A victory, I didn't give in to conveniece and feeling sorry for myself. It was a pretty tasty meal too even if I say so myself (DH has done 99.9% of cooking for the last 25+ years of our 28 year marriage).

Wednesday was DH's birthday. Unfortunately the girl's wanted to go out to sushi. Somehow I ended up paying and crap, sushi is expensive. $59.00 for the four of us and my mother-in-law. For that price we could have had Chinese for at least 2 meals. I don't even like sushi that much. I mean it's okay...

Luckily for dinner we had the first of this year's venison in the form of venison burgers. Yum very tasty.

So that comes back to this morning, woke up at 4:15 with head pain, popped a pain pill and DH woke up and made me an omelet (we decided not to go out to breakfast, another victory!) before he left for deer hunting again. Oh it's our anniversary and we knew DH was leaving and considered going out.... We had eggs, leftover bacon, avocados and tomatoes, oh and fresh basil. Yum!

Yesterday DH brought home from work the Costco Connection magazine, a new Costco Coupon book and the October issue of Consumer Reports. There is an article on Supermarkets! The shopping tips were nothing new or earth shattering, but the interesting thing was the supermarket ratings.

Quick picks for low prices were Trader Joe's, Costco, Aldi, Sam's Club and WalMart Supercenters.

Top Regional chains: Wegmans, Publix, Raley's, Harrs Teeter and Hy-Vee.

Best for meat and produce: Wegmans, Raley's and Whole Foods Market.

I was happy Winco (where we regularly shop besides Costco) was #11 out of 54 markets surveyed. But then Safeway and Costo are the other other stores that were surveyed that we have in our area (North Coast of California).

Another very motivating force lately was a book I purchased at our church presale rummage sale, (I was dropping things off and bought some books and a new bread maker). Anyway the name of the book is "Credit, Cash and CoDependency" by Yvonne Kaye, Ph.D. This was a very interesting book that I got a lot out of.

I haven't done my monthly subtotals because my head hurts, but tomorrow or Sunday will be paying bills, etc.

There are some interesting Costco Coupons that I will be taking advantage of.

Oh back to food. Tonight I made macaroni and cheese with pasta from the pantry. It's amazing how much I have been pantry cooking since Dido's inspiration. The rice from last night, oh and I baked a cake for DH and made my own frosting..... something I hadn't done in years.. when did I cross over and start buying canned frosting??

Thanks for all the motivating posts everyone!

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  1. moneycents Says:

    Sorry about your headache I hope you are feeling better. I too will be taking advantage of those Costco coupons next week. Gotta love that place, the prices are already good and then with the manufacturers coupon, the prices become great!
    Way to go on the pantry cooking! I keep trying but I go off the beaten path time and time again.

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