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Wow it's been a long time...

January 28th, 2007 at 02:28 pm

Since I posted. Getting used to being home alone I guess.

We managed to get YD moved to NC the first week of December and managed to hurt my back in the process. Work has been slow, but will start picking up again in June. I am excited to start using the YNAB system that I just purchased. I would say that is my $20.00 start to the $20.00 challenge.

We leave a week from today for another trip to NC as SIL is arriving home from Iraq. We used miles for our flight, but have to drive to San Francisco again as that is the only way we seem to be able to use our miles. There is never a seat out of Eureka it seems.

We rolled coins and have almost $400.00 just from that to take with us. DH saves his change, I am obsessive about exact change!

1 Responses to “Wow it's been a long time...”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Ouch sorry to hear about your back.

    Jesse over at YouNeedABudget.com is very good about tech support so be sure to read the website for answers but if you get stuck he's pretty fast and considerate w/answers.

    Great that your SIL will be home safe! Have fun on your trip.

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