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Where is Contrary??

September 24th, 2008 at 01:17 pm

Anyone know? I still have her frugal gardening site in my favorites, but there has been nothing since October 2007 posted and nothing here.

Settling back into life. Made a huge casserole (will we ever be able to NOT make a huge casserole) with pasta, the last of the homemade tomato sauce from FIL's garden last year, nonfat ricotta and low fat mozzareela and some leftover roasted veges along with turkey italian sausage. I ended up giving a bunch to my mother. So it ended up being two dinners for DH and I and 2 lunches for me.

Today I am making a crockpot dish from the crockpot365.blogspot site. Mongolian beef. I am using the linked recipe since I did have Hoison sauce in the frig.

DH is being very cooperative with my frugal/healthy cooking (well okay healthy for us). I am making a brown rice pilaf to go with the beef and steamed cauliflower. I made nonfat milk instant choco pudding last night so we will have that for dessert.

I cut up a small watermelon for snacking, but need to run to the store today to get lunch meat for DH's lunch. He normally eats out lunch every day so this is a huge change for him. Safeway is running their deli meat in California for $4.99 a pounds, well a few of them anyway including turkey, which is what I will be purchasing.

Payroll work is finished for the day, the front is watered, dinner is in the crockpot, time to get back up and start cleaning. Being gone for 6 weeks means dusting and mopping are needed desperately even though DH did pretty good on keeping up with house pick up and sweeping doggy hair.

Beautiful sunny Northern Coastal California day!

3 Responses to “Where is Contrary??”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I miss Contrary too! She disappeared last October. I had her in my email and she never responded. When I joined Twitter, it brought her up because she was in my address book and it said she hadn't been on since she joined last October. I'm afraid of what happened??!!

    On a better note, I am glad to hear about your healthy eating! Thats great!!

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    you made me hungry.

  3. scfr Says:

    Yes, I miss Contrary also. She was a great help when I made my first stab at gardening, and she was just a really nice person. For awhile I thought she may have decided to take a break because of the stresses in her life (her mom & aunt), but like boomeyers I too feel something may have happened to her. It's so odd when someone disappears like that and you have no way of knowing ....

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