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Lowering limits/Credit Scores/Credit Reports

January 4th, 2009 at 01:59 pm

So after my last post I did order my credit report and guess what, there is a "ding" on it. It was a credit agency in NC for Progress Energy Carolinas. Well I live in California, but my SIL and YD and granddaughter all live in NC. So I called them and asked if that name was familiar. My SIL said it was their old water company when they lived in an apartment, before they bought their house.

The report was made October 2008. My DH and I did cosign for YD who was 19 with no income and my SIL was in Iraq when we moved her back to start college and await his homecoming. SIL immediately ordered up his credit report and the "ding" was not on his report. YD was ordering hers up next and I have not heard from them yet on that. They insisted they paid up everything when they moved to their house.

The interesting thing is I would not known if the whole HSBC letter had not come and I felt motivated to find out what my limit was because I blogged about it. (By the way, my credit limit was also $10,500).

Good idea Ima, I may give them a call. First I need to find my credit cards in my file cabinet. I always throw new ones in there that I don't use, but yes I have decided to make a small purchase occasionally to keep them opened.

So my advice, it's a good time of year to order up your free credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com

It costs $7.95 to get your FICO score, which I did not do, but free to get your report from the 3 different reporting agencies. Unfortunately I could only get one because I have a hyphenated name and the other 2 companies would not give it to me online.

3 Responses to “Lowering limits/Credit Scores/Credit Reports”

  1. LilMsMissy Says:

    I would definitely order my report and if they paid it I would dispute it right away. If they have not I would use the process of negotiating with them Payment for removal of the account on your credit report. I have actually done this method with four companies already and because the economy is so bad (sad the rep told me that) they were willing to remove it in exchange for payment. The company just needed any money they could get was what the rep told me.

  2. Ralph Says:

    As a bona fide cynic, it may just be coincidence, but I agree it's a good time for the old credit report check. My cynicism tells me it is a knee jerk CYA move by CC companies in response to the general financial mayhem that is happening currently.

    Does anyone know if the FICO information that you pay for is more than just the number? My Wamu credit card has an excellent FICO section that tells you the number month by month plus tells you the reasons why it is what it is - pretty cool! In my case I have too much credit and too much balance on that credit. Argghhh!

    And those freecreditreport.com commercials for the scam website makes me very angry! Nationwide phishing on TV is what it is - very unethical. I wish the credit services could get that stopped.

    Hey - a disorganized procrastinator?! Small world!

  3. homebody Says:

    In the case of www.annualcreditreport.com it IS FREE to get your credit report, but costs money to get your FICO score.

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