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I miss being here...

September 7th, 2009 at 03:06 pm

I so wish I could keep up with posts. If only I could get on at lunch time at work, but practically every site is blocked, even ones I need sometimes.

Yesterday was DH's birthday and tomorrow is our 31st anniversary.

Not sure what my problem is, but this is the 2nd month in a row that I entered my mortgage payment in Quicken and then failed to actually make the payment. Since my mortgage is held by ING, I just transferred from savings so it would be credited immediately. Then I transferred $2500.00 into savings along with making a payment to AMEX which is mostly Costco shopping and gas.

August was an expensive month paying for this:

But paying for the kids flight home AND the party was still cheaper than us flying to South Carolina, renting a house and a car for a week.

We also had 2 weddings and my mother's 80th birthday party this summer. Since DH and I did all the planning and most all of the cooking (my siblings all live out of state), they (the siblings) ended up paying for all of the party and the quilt I made for mom.

I am still trying to figure out what type of savings plan to start for granddaughter. College is already covered due to her daddy being a Marine (not sure how this works, but that is what SIL tells us). We are considering a DRIP or mutual fund or savings bonds.... have not made a decision yet, but need to soon. I told the kids that I was not going to buy my grandchildren crap, but would do savings accounts for them. We did buy a ladybug set of bath toys from Costco.com for her. That is a ladybug cake she demolished.

Our garden is still growing, just made a yummy zucchini gratin last night for both us and our elderly neighbors next door who were happy to get a home made meal (made mashed potatoes and baked pork chops, homemade rolls). I should say not frozen first. Their daughter (who lives 7 hours away by car) comes up and makes and freezes meals for them as often as she can.

I am cut back at work to 4 hours a day from a comp claim on my shoulder. It somehow became frozen (probably from working 7 hours a day on a computer). It is doing a bit better after some physical therapy and exercises. Another reason I am not here as much as I would like!

4 Responses to “I miss being here...”

  1. mrs. Says:

    Aw ... she sure is a cutie!

  2. miclason Says:

    What a beautiful little girl!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Smile Is your GD's name Kathleen? What an AWESOME name it is! Wink Glad your sibs owned up and paid for the party for your mom. Hope everyone had a great time!

  4. homebody Says:

    Hey boom, actually that is (granddaughter) Allyson Ayn's mother's name (my youngest daughter). She is a photographer and puts her name on pictures so they are copyrighted or whatever?? Ally is named after my two older daughters, combo of their middle names.

    Here is Kate's blog:

    We did have a wonderful time. I am going to make a scrapbook for my mom for Christmas.

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