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The ax has fallen.... or is falling soon.

March 6th, 2010 at 04:56 am

Found out on 3/4 that I am losing my job at the end of the month. We got our AMEX/Costco rebate in the mail yesterday, $333.48. We are using it to stock up on staples. The freezer is pretty darn full. So I have revised my budget (other than rebate stockup) to $250.00. DH may be hitting a Trader Joe's next week and we definitely need peanut butter and a few other items we like to get there.

I am downgrading Direct TV and we are giving up garbage collection. DH can take it to work on dumpster pickup day which he generally has twice a week(our business). We just have to get into the routine. I would like to take this opportunity to switch cell phone plans too. All our kids have Verizon, so we have cut our hours tremendously. I should find out if they have a pay as you go plan. We are also asking the older girls and actually already did, to take over the insurance for one truck we loaned them that they can share permanently between them (it's nice to have a truck around). Between that I can squeeze at least another $100.00 a month out of the budget. Thank goodness it is almost gardening season and I will have time to invest.

If my stomach would just settle down I think I could come to peace with it pretty easily. I found on line that the Cobra Assistance is extended through layoffs that occur before 3/31/2010. Apparently you only have to pay 35% of your Cobra costs. I have an appointment Tuesday for my precolonoscopy appointment and my doctor's office said they could fit it in before the end of the month (employees of the hospital get any hospital costs written off).

So I guess I should say they are outsourcing my department (transcription). My middle daughter works as a contract employee for the same hospital and will not have the safety net I have, so I really am not happy they are not giving us much notice. But how radiology can tell their transcriptionist and HIM doesn't tell their employees, did they really think it would not leak out? I have known something was coming since last October (approximately), but had the signs as early as last June after I had only been at the hospital 6 months. My boss' attitude towards me change so drastically I was stunned. Then for a while in October she became downright rude and lately she has just avoided me as much as possible. So actually good riddance for that reason, but I work with the nicest bunch of people really. I will miss them.

So my plan is to study at AHIMA to get my certification in coding, which will be much easier on my upper body. I may have trouble getting a job with transcription because I have an open comp claim right now for my shoulders and neck. Same with individual insurance coverage, my broker said I may have trouble. So I will need to get on group coverage in what?? 18 months or so when Cobra runs out. 18 months should be enough time to figure that out.

Anyway there are many positives including taking more time to get physically in shape and be able to spend some time with my sisters who live out of state (Oregon, Washington) and daughers who live the other way (Reno, NV) and my YD and granddaughter who live way east (South Carolina, Coastal Beaufort).

Luckily the February food challenge with my sister made a switch in my head with food costs. We did "okay on food spending, but in February I took it to another level and started participating in shopping and cooking more, really watching the ads and even shopped at CVS with a few coupons. DH actually ate my food without dumping hot sauce on it first!

I have many, many projects to work on besides studying. My physical health (getting in shape, losing at least 15 pounds), my pictures of 31+ years of marriage, quilts, knitting, the yard both the flower and vege garden. I will not be bored! In fact I wish I could start now!

Today's plans are the library for some good books to read, Costco for stockup purchases and cleaning the house! Dh is still sleeping (it's only 5:00 a.m.) so I will pay bills (it was payday) and work on the budget until he wakes up (or just catch up on blogs!).

I worked at home for 10 years before taking this in-house position 15 months ago and I have to admit I was much happier at home with some flexibility in my schedule. And now with my aging mother I think it is even more important to have that flexibility.

So I would like to have prayer from those that do that I find peace and not worry and try to enjoy this time of transition (I have never in my 52 years collected unemmployment).

Happy weekend everyone!

10 Responses to “The ax has fallen.... or is falling soon.”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Good luck!! You sound very prepared! I tried transcripting for a Dr office I worked at and it was COMPLICATED! I am sure it is old hat to you, but it really is a full time job in itself.

  2. campfrugal Says:

    Homebody, I am keeping you in my prayers. Everything will work out.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    You are in my prayers.

  4. momcents Says:

    Prayers! I like your attitude, embracing the positive outcomes will help with the transition!

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Prayers for peace and acceptance. This is just the beginning of better things! Won't it be fun to see how it unfolds?

  6. miclason Says:

    Prayers! Im sure in a strange, roundabout way, this will be for the better!

  7. monkeymama Says:

    Sorry to hear!

    My understanding is demand for transcription is way down, anyway. Kind of a dying field. Have a lot of medical clients who do everything electronically now and no longer hire transcriptionists. & they are just little offices. I am sure the big boys are going all electronic. Transcription must be evolving/changing pretty rapidly, at the least.

    I would presume very high demand for coding skills. Good Luck!

  8. janH Says:

    Thoughts and prayers for your transition. Sounds like you are being proactive, too. My DIL experienced the "shutout" when she left her job last year for another one. The people she worked with acted weird, almost like she was already gone. It was painful for her. My prayer is when the dust settles that you will be in a much better place and happy and with a fulfilling job.

  9. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    I think you have a Great Attitude which will take you a long way towards putting this job behind you and embracing a new equilibrium in your life ! :-)

  10. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    You are in my prayers. It sounds like you're doing your part in preparing and planning.

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