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Every little bit helps!

March 8th, 2010 at 02:26 pm

Just called Direct TV and was shocked at how little our bill would go down over the premium package we have now. So I told the guy I was losing my job and he decreased our bill $15.00 a month for six months! Of course I may have to cancel the whole thing when the job loss happens.

We only spent $118.59 of our Costco Amex rebate check, put the rest on a cash card. We both had eaten too much at lunch so it was not fun at Costco. We ended up getting 2 large cans of tomato sauce, case of italian style tomatoes, 25 pounds of dried pinto beans, case of canned black beans, case of canned kidney beans and a case of carbanzo beans, soy sacue, 2 gallons of white vinegar, asparagus, red peppers, mixed nuts, cranberry juice, yellow onions, olive oil and puppy food to donate to Miranda's Rescue who are out there every first saturday taking donations.

We usually get at least $50.00 a month worth, but this time only got the one bag. I feel bad about that, but until I know what we are facing with Cobra, unemployment, etc, I have to be conservative.

I crashed and burned yesterday, had no energy, slept in until 7:30, etc. DH made me a really nice barbecued steak dinner along with a coffee pudding with choco whipped cream from Tyler's Ultimate on Food Network. This is his new favorite show.

So back up and at work today. Tacos for dinner tonight with venison burger from the freezer.

I called my flexible spending people to see if they got my fax and I called to find out how to submit my contact lens receipts to get reimbursement for that.

I called the local vet to find out about rabies clinic because Landon is due. Luckily every Saturday from 12-1:00.

We had a cold snap with rain today and there is snow in the low hills of Humboldt County again. Hopefully it will not effect my lettuce seedlings!

3 Responses to “Every little bit helps!”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    It's so nice of you to donate even when your job situation will change soon. We eat lots of beans in our home(mostly a cultural food staple for us). If you want to try to make them Spanish style let me know; I hope you can get cilantro on your neck of the woods though. We get a rabbies clinic every year (town sponsored). My dox Max has another year before he is due for the shot; he just turned 7 on Saturday. We had meatloaf, mash potatos and corn and tomorrow is shrimp alfredo; my youngest son's favorite (it's his birthday tomorrow). Have a great and tranquil week!

  2. snshijuptr Says:

    If you're worried about losing TV, check out hulu.com, tv.com, and the specific websites for your favorite shows and channels. You might be able to cancel DTV and stream for free off the internet. Most live broadcasts can be seen at local restaurants and bars if they are important enough (Academy Awards, Super Bowl). You might find that there are only a couple shows that you have to pay to watch. Then ask yourself if your monthly bill is worth those shows.

    If you stop paying for TV, you can ask at a computer store how to hook your TV to your computer. My husband and I have our desktop computer hooked up to our TV. The modifications will probably be less than the cost of 1 month of TV.

  3. Jerry Says:

    I know what you mean about the cost of COBRA insurance, it nearly bankrupted us after my wife lost her job a couple of years ago. Still, the fact that you are still donating to worthy causes even in a time of stress is really telling, and I think it will all work out for you. Good luck! I hope that the advance notice leads to some opportunities for planning and finding something else.

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