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DH got a buck!

September 21st, 2010 at 03:37 pm

A deer buck that is. However, it is not really free food when you consider the gas, the food, the tags, etc. But at least we will get some of that back in good free meat. However, I only like it ground up for barbecued hamburgers, etc. DH loves it all. I could probably stand making some into "buck" stroganoff or stew or something, but DH just likes to flour and fry it.... yuck!

Went to mom's today (she is still visiting my siblings) and picked about 2 cups of thornless blackberries and 3 zucchini, small, medium and large. Since it had been raining lately on the North Coast, I did not go over to her house/garden for several days.

I am enjoying my new hobby of cake decorating. I am trying to get all supplies from Michael's for 50% off, so far I have. Unfortunately I ran out of Crisco and powdered sugar from Winco and had to run to Safeway. Aaach! It was expensive at Safeway. Must remember to stock up next time I am in town at Winco. I have to admit some of my flowers don't look a thing like they should, but my family thinks everything so far is cute!

I am starting Financial Peace University tomorrow at a local church. I have been using the envelope system, but totally not being disciplined about it. Since I already purchased the stuff at the site on special, apparently I don't have to pay for the local classes, according to the leader anyway.

YD was watching Till Debt Do Us Part today with me and said she was interested and would watch the others recorded on the DVR. She and DSIL tried to listen to Financial Peace CD's before SIL went to Afghanistan while driving home from San Diego. DSIL called me laughing saying he couldn't stand it, he sounded too much live a televangelist. I think I have conviced YD to try again without DH (he has arrived safely in Afghanistan, and he called right after the news about the downed Black Hawk helicopter today).

Disability check arrived yesterday. I have an appointment out of town on Friday for carpal tunnel testing. Not sure how long disability will last, I am sure the comp carrier is working towards closing my claim, which I realize is going to happen. Just every day that goes by I feel more and more that I cannot go back to transcribing. In fact, I had better stop typing now!

Ally comes running when she hears the coffee grinder and says, "making coffee?". She also loves to hear the kitchenaid whipping.

6 Responses to “DH got a buck!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Aw! She's so cute. I'm so glad you heard from your SIL. It is always reassuring to hear from them, yes?

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I think your cake and cupcakes look great. Have you thought about making them to sell?

  3. baselle Says:

    The cupcakes look lovely.

    At least DH used a gun to get his deer. We are still driving around in our car (bumper smashes) that DH used.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Congrats to your DH on the buck. I'm with you I'm not a fan of venison.

    Your new hobby looks fun and I think you are doing a nice job. Smile
    Granddaughter is such a cutie!

  5. ThreeThriftyGuys.com Says:

    That is absolutely cute!

  6. Jerry Says:

    I LOVE venison! It does taste different from beef, though, so I see how some people might not like it so much. I miss it, and I love the insurance of having healthy meat that isn't chemically altered. I am wondering about hunting over here in SE Europe and whether I can get a license as a foreigner. Could lead to some less expensive meat in the freezer, at least! Enjoy those deer burgers...

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