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Fibromyalgia....who, me?

October 21st, 2010 at 05:19 pm

Diagnosed on Tuesday while seeing a doctor that my comp doctor sent me to, who was supposed to fix what the specialist out of the area thought I had. Instead she gives me this diagnosis!

I promptly went to the library and checked out every single book on the subject. Having been in the medical field for over 30 years, I know this started out as an "all in your head" type of thing that many doctors did not believe in, so I was not thrilled for this reason to be given this diagnosis.

However, research has come a long way. Apparently exercise is not going to be optional anymore for me. AND I had better start taking my vitamins along with a B-complex. AND diet, forget anymore yummy fall desserts made with apples and pumpkins... sugar is bad. Milk and gluten are iffy.

I am like the worst person in the world to be given this diagnosis as I am totally not into holistic medicine. Apparently I have to start being into it as this seems to be the only treatment, other than a few drugs.

So this should be fun! At least I live in Northern California where alternative medicine is abundant. Hey maybe I can get my 215 card!

On the frugal front, I am trying really hard because I really don't see myself going back to work now. DH and daughter are both being supportive and daughter has been helping out much more (anything other than what she was doing is much more!)

Luckily before being diagnosed I put up 12 jars of apple butter and 7 quarts of apple filling and froze some more chopped apples (for those yummy fall desserts). I also made an apple pie that morning. The pie is gone so I will not be making another one until I see if this giving up sugar thing helps. The apples were "free" and after buying a new water bath canner and the jars, I still think it was a good investment.

I plan to get better and use the canner in the coming years.

Oh and my left leg is shorter than my right, so I had to get one of those gel insert thingees to put in my left shoe.

I am trying to be positive (since that is another treatment), but having always been a very busy person, it is going to definitely be a challenge to "take care of myself" as I am always taking care of everyone else.

I bought some new fabric that I love! I am also supposed to do something every day I enjoy... quilting!

Of course this little face along with my neighbor's little girl is enough to make me happy.

Okay....time to get up. It took forever to catch up on everyone's blogs! Reading them does remind me of things I need to do and I do appreciate everyone's blogs. Yes I read every entry! That is why I blog so little. I get too caught up in everyone else!

23 Responses to “Fibromyalgia....who, me?”

  1. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Just googled Fibromyalgia but I'm still don't know much about it. The main symptoms are muscle pain and fatigue right ? That sounds pretty horrible - especially if drawn out over a long period of time.

    Well I wish you every success with your lifestyle(food/exercise) changes and I hope the symptoms weaken soon !! :-)

    Love the pic of the kids - like me - Chocolate monsters ! hehe

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    If you find that gluten free is a way to go for you, check out the GFCFrecipes Yahoo Group. The folks there have been very helpful and supportive to me the past couple of months. We talk about a lot more than just recipes. When I found out I was gluten intolerant, I also found out that hypoglycemia (which I have), thyroid problems, allergies, asthma, and hormone problems are sort of connected. It explained so much about even though I thought I was eating healthy, I was actually poisoning myself. It is very tough to go through something like this when no one else understands. I hope you find relief with the changes you are making.

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    I forgot to say earlier that I great support and help from my chiropractor who also does reiki, acupuncture, and homeopathy. I gave up on MDs a long time ago, as they only ever wanted to drug me up.

  4. LittleGopher Says:

    Oh my, those two don't like trouble at all!!! Cuties!

    Sorry about the diagnosis... it sounds like you're staying very positive about it all and willing to try out new things. I can imagine that little girl will be what keeps you going and motivated! Hugs and best wishes!!

    ps - I too spend more time reading than writing :-)

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    I too am sorry about the diagnosis. The positive attitude? Think of it as a new adventure! Many things to learn and try. Love, love the us what you end up making.

  6. NJDebbie Says:

    I'm sorry that you've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Please take care of yourself and remain positive. On another note, I had an instant smile when I saw the picture of the chocolate monters. I love it! By the way, your jars of apple butter and apples look so awesome I wish I could taste them! (I've never had apple butter). The fabric are also lovely! ((HUGS)) and I'll be praying for you.

  7. CB in the City Says:

    I have a friend who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but later found out it was really psioratic arthritis. Seems it is not always clear... She was relieved to have a "real" disease in case she ever needs to claim disability.

    Anyway, good luck to you. I'm a sugar monster, too, but I understand the craving lessons when you cut it out.

  8. ceejay74 Says:

    So sorry to hear that! It does sound like most of those are positive health changes for anyone, so even if the "holistic" stuff is BS, all those measures are good steps to take in general. So you don't have to wonder if you're doing it for nothing (in case it ends up not having to do with the fibromyalgia).

    Love those cute kiddies, BTW! They'd make me smile if I was feeling bad, too!

  9. frugaltexan75 Says:

    It looks like you have a good source of happy medicine right there. Smile
    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hopefully the changes you're making will start to help you feel better, and you at least know what is going on with your health.

  10. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Ok...your last picture just makes me smile. I am sorry your in pain and hope everything works out with the lifestyle and pain management. Just hoping you find whats best for you. Hugs

  11. campfrugal Says:

    At least you have a diagnosis so you can educate yourself. Knowledge is the best power to have over anything.

    The two babies are adorable; and you have been doing some canning - Love it.

  12. MonkeyMama Says:

    I had a friend diagnosed with arthiritis (in her 30s), but then it turned out to be fibromyalgia. Diet has done wonders for her. (It is nice not to need all the drugs that some maladies warrant, BUT, I would have a really hard time monitoring my diet too. I love my food!).

    I think a diagnosis is good in that now you can find a course to feel better!

  13. Homebody Says:

    Thanks everyone for the support and comments. They are very helpful, every one of them. For the most part I am positive and know that the lifestyle changes are needed anyway (I'm not getting any younger)!

    However, when I think about waking up being in pain the rest of my life, I get a bit teary, at least it is manageable pain. I know there are people who are way worse off than me, and hopefully I can reverse it to some extent.

    My husband is supportive, my daughters are fairly supportive, and yes I have that sweet little face every day for the next several months!

    I am trying to be as gluten and sugar-free as possible (but I am human!). I also plan to quilt or knit for at least 30 minutes every day, and of course exercise (well okay maybe not EVERY day). Luckily I have a treadmill so that makes it easy, especially with the rains coming to Northern Coastal California.

  14. Jerry Says:

    Hang in there! I think that there is definitely something to the positivity that can lead to health and happiness. I am also convinced that diet plays a huge role in many illnesses, whether insurance will reimburse for it or not! I am glad that you have some ideas on what you can do to manage this challenge, and I wish you well...

  15. Ralph Says:

    Hey, if you are in Northern California, you may as well live a rustic and natural lifestyle! Sorry to hear this, and I know you'll deal with it well. Here's to healthy living.

  16. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Ooo, if I'd taken the choco monsters photo, it would definitely be wallpaper on my computer today. Smile
    Those lids and bands are your jars photograph as if they were stainless steel. Would that be a good idea? Especially if the lids would have enough rubber on them to actually be reusable.

    And those fabrics really look cheerily familiar from my childhood days. I notice the 1960's popping up in interior decor a lot lately.

  17. Homebody Says:

    Joan, I am not sure what you mean? They are commercial lids and rings.... oh do you mean reuse them.... oh no I know not to do that, I meant use my canner and jars again. No worries!

    I agree about the fabrics, some I don't like, but this Moda series, I am totally in love with. The colors are actually a little brighter and I did not lay out my favorites either as well.

  18. scottish girl Says:

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Love the last photo, so cute Smile

  19. Tortoise Says:

    Fibromyalgia often shows up in books about inflammation. I have a pinched nerve in my foot and arthritis in my neck. I took 12 ibuprofen and 3 tagament a day for years. Then after a reaction to the ibuprofen and a lot of research, I now take 4 fish oil, 2 GLA and 2 zyflamend. I suspect that while eating beans and rice I will be able to scale down a bit. Good luck with it.

  20. whitestripe Says:

    I have heard of fibromyalgia but had no idea what it was until now.

    I am sorry that it seems to be something that is iffy and not a simple diagnosis, but you seem positive about it. In the end, the changes you are about to make can only be GOOD for you, even if initially you don't want to. You will probably find it will get easier as you go along.

  21. Looking Forward Says:

    The pic of the girls is wonderful. How lucky you are to see your g.daughter all the time.

    Sorry to read about the fibromyalgia diagnosis. However, I get the feeling by reading your blog that you are a positive person; which is half the battle, right? I've heard accupuncture is helpful. And I'm shocked you don't have a 215 card already. lol. I mean LOOK at WHERE you live! Big Grin

  22. Tortoise Says:

    Here is another direction that you may want to explore. Mindfulness seems to be a popular approach to dealing with pain.

    I read a book long ago by Jon Kabit-Zinn titled "Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness". I think his scientific/ medical background and approach would be compatable with a non wholistic medical background. I read it because back then there was very little written on mindfulness.

    A book I have not read is "Break Through Pain: A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Meditation Program for Transforming Chronic and Acute Pain". I have read everything else Shinzen Young has written and he has a gift for making things easy to understand. His writings have definate Zen overtones.

    Hope this helps.

  23. boomeyers Says:

    I'm glad they finally gave you a diagnosis! I have had UN diagnosed fibromyalgia for 12 years. Too many doctors don't want to "label" you for insurance reasons.

    I agree with CB, that you might want to get a second opinion too be sure.

    Glad hubby is onboard with you though, what a tremendous help that should be!

    I LOVED the fabric! Enjoy your quilting!

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