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Sort of, kind of offered a job!

November 20th, 2010 at 08:42 am

I visited a new hand therapist yesterday (as part of my ongoing comp injury/claim). Since I am a talker as is apparently the office manager, (who was filling in for sick receptionist), we got to talking and I mentioned I used to do medical billing. Are you looking for a job?? I said, "Well I do not want to work full-time". Her eyes lit up even more and she went on to tell me her part-timer was leaving to go back to school and here take this application and fill it out and bring it back to your next visit.

So I will pursue this. I really liked my hand therapist, who completely understood my workaholic ways, always wanting to be accomplishing something. After going back and forth about it I finally said, "Are you a Capricorn too". She laughed and said Yes! So she did understand me!

Therapist gave me some exercises for my cubital bunnel syndrome and trigger fingers, and has ordered up a couple of night braces for me. She thinks she can fix me up so I can go back to my workaholic ways with some modifications! So hopefully I will be able to garden next spring and will be able to get back to knitting and quilting and cleaning and organizing and all the other things I enjoy!!

On the frugal living front, I encountered a woman at Rite-Aid, who had a binder propped up in the seat area of the cart. I thought she was an employee going through and changing prices, but upon closer inspection I realized she was shopping. Being the naturally curious person I am, I asked what her binder was, getting closer to it.... she said it was her coupons. Her mother's women's group just had a speaker about using coupons and how to organize them. I have seen this method talked about on line, but never actually saw one. It was really cool, using baseball card sheet holders with tabbed categories making a very organized holder.

She told me it was very time-consuming and she was not quite sure yet if it was worth it. She did say if you could view it as a hobby, it would be easier. I can't even seem to get my desk organized, much less a coupon binder, but it is something to keep in the back of my mind when my organizing gene finally kicks in! I keep a handful of coupons in my wallet, and I do try to use them.

We still have $1300.00 left for the month for all expenses. So I think it has been a darn pretty good month so far.

Lastly, here is my dog Landon, suffering in his police uniform for Halloween. We and the poor boy are fighting fleas right now. We are vacuuming about 3 times a day, picking fleas off him 3 times a day, sprayed the floors, washed his bedding and got him groomed and dipped a few days ago. Now it is a matter of getting it under control. I will never skip Advantage again! ( I skipped it for several months actually).

7 Responses to “Sort of, kind of offered a job!”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Good news about your hands and the possible job. Smile
    Your little pup is cute!

    I saw your comment about the fleas. I think I would rather fight fleas than lice. But maybe that's because of where I work, I've got all the flea control I want. If I were you I would use Capstar to get the fleas gone more quickly. It's a tablet and kills fleas starting 1/2 hour after givin it. It is short acting and safe to give daily. But what I would do is use it once a day or every other day for maybe a week. It is safe to use with topical products like Advantage and Frontline. And, BTW you can use Advantage weekly if needed or Frontline every three weeks. Don't wash between treatments. Another preventitive product is a once monthly tablet called Comfortis - by prescription. Don't bother with any flea dips; toxic and not real effective. For the house vacuum and, if you want, we recommend a house/carpet spray called Siphotrol Plus Premise Spray. Works great and much better than a "bomb". Also be sure to treat all the pets (if there are any others)

  2. Homebody Says:

    Wow thanks for all the great advice. I will look for the Capstar at the vet. I am going to go buy more Advantage. I treated Landon on 11/2, so it looks like I could give him another advantage treatment. Ovitrol Plus is the spray I got for the carpet and yes I am vacuuming and vacuuming.

    I talked to the 1800 line at Vet-Kem and she told me vacuuming was very important and controlling the environment. I was looking at it opposite as controlling the dog!

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    I like to help if I can. Smile
    You might be able to get Capstar at a pet/feed store too, because I don't think it is by prescription. I would retreat w/advantage now, especially if you had him washed recently.

    Vacuuming IS important, but if you take away the food source (your pets) you end the life cycle. So keep up on the preventatives (Advantage, etc.)

  4. fern Says:

    Just my 2 cents on the fleas....i guess it's good you treated the fleas on the dog, but if there are any that dropped off him in the house, they will reproduce...they sell flea bombs to kill any insects in the house (while you vacate, of course).

    As to that other comment about using frontline more frequently than once a month...pls. be careful and follow the package instructions, cus that stuff is really toxic. my cat had a bad reaction to frontline.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    cute dog!

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Good luck with the job offer!

    I'd agree on moving carefully with using Advantadge, etc. more than once a month. Check with your vet.

  7. Looking Forward Says:

    Fern - I hope your kitty is okay. I have seen really bad reactions with Hartz. I have seen occasionally seen hairloss/scabbing with Advantage or Frontline. In my opinion Revolution is the best flea control for cats.

    Homebody - Just in case you missed it in my blog, I am a Registered Veterinary Technician. I've worked in veterinary hospitals for over 11 years. We frequently okay our clients to use topicals as recommended above. Of course it's always a good idea to consult with your family vet. Also adult fleas reproduce and lay eggs on their food source. Then the eggs fall off and hatch into lava in the environment (your carpet or doggie's bed). Larva molt to adults and things start all over. Eggs hatch every 10-14 days.

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