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My Birthday Wish Came True!

December 22nd, 2012 at 03:20 pm

Today is my 55th birthday...(aaahhhh). I have been very sick for the past 9 days, but have still managed to work most days at least part of the day.

The last two years have been pretty much a free for all financially (as have the last two months). So I was hoping to talk to DH about finances, planning and him helping me out in the budget department in 2013.

We have been married over 34 years and I have done EVERYTHING pertaining to our finances. I love reading about saving money articles, grew up with very frugal parents, but I have not been that great at translating that into wealth. We have done okay muddling through, just think if we had a plan and stayed on the same page??

I take as much of the blame since I have a strong fabric addiction and have a hard time not buying for our sweet granddaughter.

But this morning, after DH made me breakfast, I paused the DVR'd Project Runway and told DH I wanted to talk to him about something. This always immediately makes him put up walls, but I asked him if he would be willing to help me with the planning and execution of a money plan.

I had gotten an Email from YNAB with their updates and now that I have a mini Ipad I think that I will be better about entering transactions. However, with DH doing 95% of food and household shopping, it was imperative he be on board.

Well guess what? He is!! I am so happy. It will mean upgrading to Version 4 and getting the apps for our mini Ipads, but I couldn't be happier or more relieved. We are going to make a reasonable budget and I took half the blame for our current overspending (last months and this month's AMEX bills have totaled over $9,000). No more impulsive fabric buying for me!

My daughter and granddaughter are back on the East Coast with my son-in-law for his deployment, so I am having a stress free Christmas. Along with being sick, nothing is really expected of me! I am watching Lifetime movies, drinking tea and juice and fooling around on my laptop!

Merry Everything! Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.

7 Responses to “My Birthday Wish Came True!”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Happy Birthday. That is great that your husband is on board with what you need to do.

  3. Shiela Says:

    Happy birthday. Great to hear about your hubby being on board with your new financial plan.

  4. Jerry Says:

    That is great! The one best insurance for a couple's financial success is for both people to be on board. I am sure that working together will lead to tremendous success for you in the coming year! Good luck...

  5. Homebody Says:

    Thanks guys. Now to set it up and DH so now gettin worse and worse with this bad cold.

  6. Looking Forward Says:

    Happy belated birthday! Big Grin I just had this same talk with my hubby on New Year's Day. I want him to be more involved/aware of the finances too.

  7. Tech Support for Lenovo Says:

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