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December 13, Day 44 of my YOUF

December 14th, 2018 at 06:10 am

I actually started my Year of Ultimate Frugality on November 1st. So I am using the right day# starting today.

Not much happened today. I had physical therapy, then I went to visit my mom at her assisted living apartment. We had a nice visit looking at her old cards. Some were really cute/funny from my now grown nieces and nephews. I was able to address the issue of a lady who lives there, that my mother had in her mind that my dad had been involved with. This is absolutely not true, but in mom's demented mind because they both were musicians, they had to know each other. I explained to mom that the reason N seems familiar is because she went to your church! I'm sure she is going to forget, but hopefully she will remember that N is a nice person and not to say anything abut my dad.

I paid mom's bill while I was there and dropped off the hearing aid batteries I had bought for her.

Once I was home I did a few things then started dinner. I decided to cook the red beets in my Insta-Pot. It worked great, I let them cool a bit, then put some olive oil and butter in the pan and tossed to coat. They were really good. I put the last of the pork roast in some brown gravy and it was delicious, along with some green beans and rosemary infused roasted potatoes. That was the 3rd meal out of the roast and DH said it cost up $.50 per meal. We also had leftover coleslaw and green beans.

Oh Lord I'm sleepy! Off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. CB in the City Says:

    When my grandmother's memory was failing, she used to moan and groan about the flirtatious ladies in my granddad's church (he was the minister). I'm sure nothing ever happened; I think she just sometimes felt insecure, and it all came out when her filters came off.

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