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December 14, 2018 Day 45 of YOUF

December 15th, 2018 at 06:46 am

I pulled out a carton of tomato/red pepper soup from Costco. It has been in our pantry for a few years. We had 2 cheeseburgers, sealed and frozen that I pulled from the freezer too.This was for dinner tonight.

When I went to open the soup, the foil seal was undone. The soup was very separated and honestly it was post dated. All three cartons were the same, foil torn and separated soup. I threw it away.

There is a good reason right there to not stock up too much! I was so angry at myself. This YOYF is going to change all that!

I am using the Out of Milk app to monitor my inventory of both my freezers and my pantry. The wind was blowing so hard this morning, it was hard to walk Lila. We did not go far before we turned around and came back home.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon in my sewing room, sewing up shirts as pillow covers from the grandfather of a new friend who was in the 4 car pileup with me. I will deliver them tomorrow. It felt good to do something for her and her cousins. As I ironed her grandfather's shirts, before cutting them, I thought about my own husband as a grandfather and thought if her grandfather loved her and her cousins, like my husband loves his granddaughters, he was a very good grandfather.

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