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Day 46 of YOUF

December 16th, 2018 at 07:07 am

I went to town to run errands. First I dropped of shirt pillow covers to new friend. She was so pleased and I told her I did not want to be paid as I thought about my own grandfather and my husband and the kind of grandfather he is. I felt honored that she asked me to do something so meaningful for her family. The very last shirt was a heavier denim stripe and I just could not bring myself to cut it. I told her if she really wanted me to I would and she said she believed in signs and that shirt must have another purpose.

I then went by my daughter's house to drop off clean towels and sat on my oldest granddaughter's bed and talked with both her and her baby sister. They still had their pajamas on and the 10 year old was reading to the 4 year old. Then we all went out and ate chocolate chip cookies that my son-in-law sprayed with whipped cream.

Then it was grocery shopping at Winco. I found a very nice page with categories to make your list. I ended up getting Winco brand sour cream and raspberry gelatin. I feel like I got something else store brand, but I cannot remember. I did buy a couple of impulse purchases that were not on the list. One was cake mixes for 88 cents. I bought 3. I like to have them on hand if the girls want to make cupcakes. My total was just under $92.

We took out flat meat and hamburger today. DH will sous vide the flat meat tomorrow and then we will make beef stroganoff for dinner tomorrow. Hamburger will be mixed with refried beans, mexican cheese blend and El Pato sauce and made into burritos which we will freeze for easy meals. I will give some to my daughter for her family too. They gobbled them up last time I made them about a month ago.

My husband went to the local college basketball games tonight so I just had a salad with a thawed barbecued chicken breast.

DH reiterated he is committed to sticking to our plan with the freezer since it is so difficult to find anything even though it is an upright.

I use Out of Milk for inventory and it is very helpful to keep track of what is in the freezer. In fact both that and YNAB are pulled up on my laptop at all times!

2 Responses to “Day 46 of YOUF”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I keep YNAB up on my computer all the time, too! It's neat there are sites to help tracking home food inventory. I don't stock up that much to need that kind of thing, though.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I use Out of Milk for shopping but have never used the pantry list option. I may investigate!

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