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December 22, 2018, Day 52 of YOUF and my birthday!

December 23rd, 2018 at 06:25 am

I'm 61 today, figure I have about 29 good years left. I spent the morning doing laundry for my daughter's family and then went to town to have lunch with my daughter and family, my husband and the new widow. I am so glad she came. There were tears, but not an overwhelming amount. My granddaughters are a nice diversion. The friend paid for the meal for all of us.

I ended up bringing the 4 year old home with me as my 10 year old granddaughter, daughter and her husband were taking her to the ballet. I stopped at Target to wander through the toy section with Pyp, then made sure the stuffed Christmas animals were still hidden so daughter can buy them after Christmas. We just put a few ornaments in front of them.

I didn't think I would be hungry for dinner, but I was. DH sous vide a Porterhouse, steamed broccoli, I made coleslaw and put rolls in the oven. The family came to pick up Pyp and she and Ally (10 year old) ended up spending the night here. I opened presents, a pair of pajamas from both my daughter and my husband. This is hilarious because I texted to my daughters that whoever had my name for Christmas, I could use a new pair of pajamas or a nightgown. I specified the material, and my preference of no sleeves. I don't need another pair!

I have spent the evening after the girls went to bed with my grocery list, my computer and my menu planning book to get organized for next week. DH promises he will not buy anything not on my list.

Our menu for Christmas:
Prime Rib (gift from SIL's stepfather)
Mashed potatoes/gravy
Green Bean Casserole (Alton Brown's recipe on
Raspberry jello/cream cheese/graham cracker crust dish
Free form apple tart (Bon Appetit recipe from 1989 March issue)
Low carb praline pumpkin pie (

So far my grocery list is quite short, but I need to finish menus for the week and add anything else we might need. I put french toast casserole in the frig to soak overnight. Ally specifically requested this so I found some cheaper cinnamon swirl bread to keep on hand.

This morning my husband agreed to the no meat purchase ban for 6 months, starting Jan 1st. He bought a pork butt today at Safeway for 99 cents a pound and it is on the smoker for SIL's stepfather.

When I announced I was not buying any fabric for a year, the only person who thinks I can do it is Ally! She does not think grandpa can go 6 months without buying meat. It will be a fun/good challenge for us. Our biggest area of personal buying for both of us, given up for 6 months (well I am committed to 12 months of no fabric buying). Both my daughter and son-in-law separately asked said, "what about white?" I told them I had full bolts of my two favorite white fabrics.

Ack bedtime! The girls tend to get up early!

5 Responses to “December 22, 2018, Day 52 of YOUF and my birthday!”

  1. Carol Says:

    Happy Birthday 🎇🎂🎉!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I've been totally swamped, but wanted to say it's nice to have you back!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Happy birthday!!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Happy birthday! Your Christmas menu sounds good!

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