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Day 68 YOUF/No Spend Year

January 8th, 2019 at 06:16 am

We had leftovers for dinner. DH made tacos last night, one of our favorite meals when we can't think of what to make. We always keep tortillas in the frig and the rest of the fixins can be easily had in our home.

I took my mom to the doctor today and she talked her into a flu shot! Her fasting blood sugar was back to prediabetic levels so that was good news.

Even better news was my husband's follow-up PSA after his prostate cancer diagnosis and being on Proscar for several months. Well it was way down to 2.9 and his risk factors were less than 1% for death within 10 years or even full blown cancer. His doctor was very please and so am I! The best news is that he won't be needing treatment and since our medi-share people denied coverage as pre-existing, this is really good news.

I joined a 2019 Passionate Penny Pinching Home Challenge. This is the year! By the end of 2019 I will have decluttered and cleaned my house along with being careful with DH's earnings.

Oh and the other good news is my 10 year old granddaughter, Ally, got the lead in Alice in Wonderland musical. It's the first time she has tried out for a lead. We are very excited for her. She has so much self confidence for a 10 year old it's amazing. I remember when she was about 2, she was talking very well. I had her at a park in a swing in South Carolina or North I can't remember which. Another woman and a child arrived and Ally said, My name is Ally and this is my grandma.......pause while she thought.....Cheryl! I'll never forget that, it was the cutest thing! I didn't even know she knew my first name. She's a great kid.

Okay sleep, then tomorrow is clean out the refrigerator and mopping all "hard floors". I also need to work on the week's job of the pantry!

3 Responses to “Day 68 YOUF/No Spend Year”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Good news on your DH! What a relief! I have a precocious grandson, too. He once "helped" with table seating arrangements, saying "Beth" can sit here -- much to the amusement of everyone who had no idea he knew my name -- or why he was choosing to use it then!

  2. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    That decluttering challenge sounds intriguing. I watched Tidying Up on Netflix and now have even more urges to organize and declutter all the things. I've already set up my master closet (after 3 years) and refolded DH's sweats drawer and my leggings drawer, so that everything actually fits. All of our paperwork is also in piles in the office waiting for me to create the folders and actually file everything.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Very good news on your DH as well as your mom on the health front.

    I will have to check out the Netflix Tidying Up and your decluttering makes me want to join the challenge too.

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